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When Kikizo began its “world domination” deal with IGN 18 months ago, the difficult part was not being able to say much about it publicly. But now the message is becoming loud and clear, and here’s a video that proves it.

“The expansion is hard work, but now it’s really growing into something special that’s a lot more than the sum of its parts.”

A few months in, we’d done the first few deals and Sweden went live, so I felt we could say a bit about it

A couple months after that, and with Middle East launching, the story began to gain momentum - we beamed with pride as star-in-the-making Nick Rego took to Dubai television to spread the good word. Then came Asia Pacific, which has since expanded into the Hong Kong and Taiwan markets with Traditional Chinese. And towards the end of the last year I blogged a bit more about how we’d launched with a bang in Spain, expanded the Sweden deal to the rest of the Nordics, launched Italy, as well as Benelux sometime before all that.

Towards the end of last year we revealed, an interactive map showing everywhere IGN now has a presence, and where we might be heading next:

Check out this interactive map I put together at

In January, we held the first ever IGN International Summit in London, bringing together leaders from every IGN region around the world to strengthen our collective focus as a global business. Here’s a team photo taken in Centre Point, Central London:

Each team around the world has some amazing talent befitting of the IGN name — our hosts and editors, including Xandra and Jesse on IGN Benelux, Ines, Eva and Gina in Spain, and Sophia and Nick in the Middle East are all becoming local stars and it’s fantastic to see.

Needless to say this expansion story has so far been a lot of fun and a LOT of hard work. But now it’s really growing into something special that is a whole lot more than the sum of its parts. Going into this year I wanted to make a video that shows all these amazing IGN teams and how we are rapidly building something that’s really unique in the world of games media. This week we released the video, above.

I’m also really pleased to welcome IGN Russia to the family, which launched just last week. Our new friends in Moscow already feature in this video but, all going to plan, we’ll need to update it again fairly soon.  :)

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