A simple eBay transaction led me to this hilarious British band: it’s Kunt and the Gang

A while ago, I conceded that the sofabed in my flat presented certain problems more than it gave me space-saving convenience, so I sold it on eBay to make way for a proper bed instead. What I didn't expect was such a joyous discovery thanks to the mystery eBay purchaser…

The buyer and I exchanged some amusing messages to do with Pat Sharp and other obscure shit from the 80s. Her profile led me to a series of below-the-radar, LOLsome music videos by a no-name (but surely soon-to-be-world-famous) band: Kunt and the Gang.

The lovely eBayer also features in several of Kunt’s videos – and the videos, as you shall see, are hilarious and very, very rude indeed.

Find out more here. The videos may take some hunting as they keep getting removed from YouTube...