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My first love is publishing, and over the last few years I've come to realise I’m no longer interested in focusing on just a single topic

As much as the games industry has long been my other passion, today it's just one of many things that matters to me and to the people I want to reach out to through the magic of online media.

I'm as interested in when the next Half-Life's coming out as I am in which beer’s fit for a president, about the world's first mile-high skyscraper, about Warren Buffet pushing the boundaries of philanthropy to new heights, and about what we think might happen when the universe ends.

About everything from the next iPhone to the next Pixar movie, to the people and companies we should (and shouldn't) aspire to when it comes to doing some social good – after all, consumers like us are as interested in the companies that deliver us entertainment, as the entertainment itself.

In media, whether you're a staff intern or a big-shot publishing mogul, we should be tackling stuff that we’re passionate about -- stuff that excites us, and even puts us in a position to make a difference in some way.

That’s what the new Kikizo is about: Everything That Matters -- And Plenty That Doesn't. Quite simply, this is the site I’ve always wanted to do.

"Originally founded as a ‘games, movies and babes’ site in 2003, Kikizo is reborn today with a focus closer to what it set out to be in the first place: ‘your entertainment destination’."

Sure, I'm no expert on all the topics listed up top, but there are plenty of writers out there who are -- and they're all welcome to get in touch.

Once or twice we've been known to surprise with the calibre of names we bring to you in interactive entertainment, and now with the extra scope, who knows what we'll pull out of the hat? Mostly though, you'll rarely find in-depth analysis or essay-like reviews here. You know where to go for that stuff. We want this to be the place where you find interesting bite-size goodies across the board that you might actually want to share.

And on that front, we've got all the features you expect these days, like article commenting that integrates with any social network you please, and a really easy way to share across multiple social networks in one click (just use the first of the little social icons at the bottom of articles -- the green one). We'll be testing new things out as we go along.

So: originally founded as a "games, movies and babes" site in 2003, Kikizo is reborn today with a focus that's a lot closer to what it set out to be in the first place: "your entertainment destination". We hope you'll join us!

You can also find a celebration of the previous version of this site (and of the best ever years in gaming) at the special highlights archive here.

AD – July 1, 2011

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