Please make more of this awesome Portal movie

It’s no secret that everyone loves Portal, and that Portal 2 stands a good chance of being the game of 2011 in my humble view. But could a movie like this help bring the concept that makes Portal unique to a bigger audience?

This (very) short film feels more like a trailer for something bigger still to come, and we really hope whoever made it can come up with more - if not something feature-length, then we’d be pleased with more shorts just like this one.

With a score reportedly by Mike Zarin of Inception fame, the short is “1.5 years in the making” by fan and filmmaker Dan Trachtenberg, according to First Showing, which ponders:

Could it be possible? Maybe if this short gets enough views, Hollywood will take notice!

Here it is:

In other news, Gabe Newell has told Eurogamer that a bunch of Portal 2 downloadable content offering “more of the same” is cming to all platforms in September… and will be FREE. Awesome.

[First Showing via VG247]

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