Nintendo screwed? PlayStation past it? Apple unstoppable? Gaming in 2011 is one helluva show

POSTED IN:  by Liam Riley, Aug 18, 2011 at 14:11 EST

The videogames industry is uncertain at the best of times, reacting to the ebb and flow of changing gamer tastes, economic circumstances and expiring consumer trends.  Traditional console cycles last around five years, yet the only new console announced at this year’s E3 was Nintendo’s Wii U, a machine that seems to be jack of all trades, master of we don’t know what.  More »

We played Mario 3DS! Here’s what we thought

POSTED IN:  by Joseph Jackson, Aug 18, 2011 at 13:10 EST

With over 25 years in the platforming business and still going strong, Nintendo’s endearingly rotund little plumber returns for another koopa-stomping, coin-collecting, 3D platforming adventure in Super Mario 3D Land for the Nintendo 3DS.
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