A simple eBay transaction led me to this hilarious British band: it’s Kunt and the Gang

Ages ago I decided I’d had enough of bedtime compromise: The sofabed in my flat presented certain problems rather than space-saving convenience, so I sold it on eBay — and even made a little profit replacing it with a proper bed. What was interesting was the random story of the mystery eBay purchaser…

The buyer and I exchanged some amusing messages to do with Pat Sharp and other obscure shit from the 80s, and after a spot of light stalking her profile led me to a series of below-the-radar, LOLsome music videos by a no-name (but surely soon-to-be-world-famous) band: Kunt and the Gang.

This lovely eBay-user also features in several of Kunt’s videos – and the videos, as you shall see, are awesome. Here are some of my favourites, in no particular order of brilliance:

Kunt and the Gang – Use My A***hole As A C**t

Kunt and the Gang – Wank Fantasy

Kunt and the Gang – I Was Pissed Out Of My Head

Kunt and the Gang – I Sucked Off A Bloke

And finally…

Kunt and the Gang – Use My A***hole As A C**t (The Nick Clegg Story)

More here. Merry Kuntmas!