Privacy Policy

We respect the privacy of our users. Click here for legal background details. On this page, you will find details on our privacy policy.

Standard User Data. The standard data we collect about our users is not personally identifiable information. This means it is not information which identifies users as an individuals. By using any of Kikizo’s services or reading its content, you agree that you understand the nature this data collection. Parts of Kikizo use cookies to better provide our services and information. On the Internet, a “cookie” is file that a website transfers to a user’s computer for record-keeping purposes. This is a common feature of many websites on the Internet, and is employed by Kikizo to better serve to you our services and content. The file that is stored on your computer is small in size and does not identify you personally. When you log onto our websites, certain standard information is normally collected by our servers. This information may include, but is not limited to, the location or website from which you came; the time you spend on parts of Kikizo or its related sites; the operating system you use on your computer; the browser you use to view the site (for example Microsoft Internet Explorer); the amount of information you access from Kikizo; your geographical location (specific only to country and/or county/state/etc.); the ISP (Internet Service Provider) from which you are accessing the Internet and subsequently Kikizo; and your IP (Internet Protocol) address. Your IP address is a number designated by your Internet Service Provider that identifies the account you are using to access the Internet with your Internet Service Provider, and/or the Internet Service Provider you are using to access the Internet. This data collection is standard and common to most websites on the Internet. We do not collect or store this data for prolonged periods of time; it is standard to web traffic analysis software in order to calculate the number of unique users a website receives over a period of time (typically, one calendar month) for marketing and/or other purposes. An area of Kikizo exempt from this practise is the discussion forum, which may display your IP address as a means of tracking your use of the forums. Kikizo will not otherwise knowingly retain and/or disclose this standard data other than in aggregate forms, including, but not limited to, general demographic data, which Kikizo may use to improve its services.

Personal User Data. The only ways in which Kikizo may receive personally identifiable information about you is if you knowingly and willingly provide the information through of our service areas, including, but not limited to, contests and email communication. In such areas, the information you disclose is done so by users knowingly and willingly. The personally identifiable information you disclose is optional, and is normally required so as to effectively enter you into a contest we may offer. We may, from time to time, collect data on our users. Users may provide personally identifiable information, knowingly and of their own accord. This information is provided at the user’s discretion. This personally identifiable information will be destroyed after a period of one (1) year, or when it is no longer required, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Kikizo may share the aggregate results of the data it receives, with advertisers and partners to help them better understand our services and their opportunities, although we will not disclose personal data.

Protection. No computer system is one hundred per cent protected, and although the means through which data is submitted to Kikizo are reasonably safe, we cannot guarantee that data will not unlawfully be retrieved by third parties. When data is submitted to Kikizo, it may come via a number of networks and/or machines, and although we use our best endeavours to make sure that the data is not intercepted, we cannot guarantee that this will be the case, unless indicated by a secure (“https”) connection ‘lock’symbol’, which may still be subject to extreme rare security exploits.

Opting Out. From time to time, Kikizo may offer its users the chance to receive information from Kikizo or thirdparties, in services including, but not limited to, news, contests and promotions. You will always have the choice to opt out from such opportunities. If you do not opt out, you will always have the choice to opt out from whichever service you may have subscribed to, either by emailing the third party service you subscribed to, or by emailing We will never sell your email address or other personal details to third parties.

Advice. We recommend that you do not voluntarily disclose personal information in public areas of Kikizo, although we do not prevent you from doing this. Public areas of Kikizo include, but are not limited to, the Kikizo Forums. We advise that all users of this service, and other public services at Kikizo, use the service sensibly and with caution, as we cannot be held responsible for the results of the disclosure of any information that may occur in these areas.

Children. Although the main demographic of Kikizo does not encompass children below the age of thirteen (13), we welcome users of all ages to our content and services. If you are under the age of thirteen (13), we do, however, specifically request that you have the permission of your parents or legal guardian to view any content at Kikizo and to take part in any and all services we offer, as we cannot be held responsible for any information received or disclosed by our users. Kikizo Network is aimed at teenage and adult audiences and may contain language and themes that are inappropriate for young children.

Notes to Parents. We respect that you may wish to monitor the content and services your child uses on the Internet. If you wish for your child to be removed from any and/or all Kikizo services, please send an email specifically requesting your wish to Please note, however, that while we will subsequently use our best endeavours to prevent your child from using our services, we cannot and will not be held responsible for access to our services your child may subsequently gain, as this is out of our control.

Please bear in mind these policies. Kikizo reserves the right to change this information and its policies at any time.