Happiest man in world explains why Sonic 4 Episode II could make you just as happy

Brownie points to Destructoid, who caught up with a man called Ken — Sonic’s brand manager, and rightly so, judging by his enthusiasm in this interview.

Totally awesome Metal Sonic is playable if you have both Episodes I and II of Sonic 4

Sonic 4 was pretty decent, and the follow-up episode actually promises to be loads better, thanks to completely reworked physics that are apparently closer to the 16-BIT originals, could saving across your decides (cool!) and “lock on technology” that gives you “Episode Metal” if you have both Episodes I and II on your console or device, linking the “stories” of Sonic CD and Sonic 4 Episodes I and II.

Ken says that the success of Episode I afforded Sega a bigger and better budget for Episode II and it sounds like they’ve put it to good use.

This pretty much has my geeky Sega heart all gooey. Who do I need to email to get this ahead of release? He knows who he is…

No idea why music from Billy Hatcher is playing throughout Destructoid’s video, though.

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