Ten things we might get in iPad 3

Tech journalist and good friend of Kikizo, Adam Hartley, has done a round up for MSN about stuff that might be in the next iPad.

The rumour round-up looks at speculation that the new device will arrive around April 2012, along with the “more significant, the most believable and the most bizarre Apple iPad 3 rumours to date” – including a slightly chunkier, carbon-fibre form factor, faster A6 processor, Thunderbolt port and SD card slot, and maybe even 3D (god let’s hope not).

Hartley talks about how much you might want each rumored feature, and discusses how likely he things it will actually happen.

I for one am in the market for an iPad, but want to hold out for the latest version. I don’t really care how much of the new stuff is in it. But it has a 3 instead of a 2, so it HAS to be worth waiting for.