This “Lego Breaking Bad” game footage is totally fan-made, totally awesome

It’s not long to go now until the final run of Breaking Bad. As the painful year-long mid-season break nears an end, be sure to look at this amazing concept video of a Breaking Bad video game…

Imagined in the popular Lego game style made famous by UK developer Traveller’s Tales, with franchises like Batman, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, this concept is the work of Brian Anderson, a fan of the Lego titles and Breaking Bad itself, evidently.

Personally I’ve never convinced about the reason for the Lego styling in games, but a hell of a lot of people seem to love them. But I think the effect Brian has achieved in this footage is simply amazing, and I’d love to see Breaking Bad’s legacy relived in game form (it seems like a better idea than milking the IP in spin-off TV shows).



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