Could anything be more depressing than the sight of Sega’s old HQ now occupied by Zynga?

I just felt a little bit depressed when this month’s issue of Develop came through the door and I instantly recognised the building pictured in its cover feature as Sega of America’s old headquarters in Townsend Street, San Francisco.

The building has recently been taken over by Zynga — the glorious Sega logo of justice dumped for a garish neon sign promoting stupid pastel-coloured casual/social gaming bollocks that we’re supposed to support as a “growth area” of our industry, but actually hate because it’s all so… well, un-Sega-like. It’s not real games, is it?


Pictured is the new building from someone’s Flickr, taken in the daytime to avoid damage to your eyes by its neon-lit state at night, alongside a photo of the building in its Sega shades, which I took circa 2000 for the ancient GamerWeb site (note the cute logo bottom left).

The only thing more depressing than the Sega building now being a Zynga building is GamerWeb now being a webhost holding page.

All-round fail.