[VIDEO] Obama’s #1 White House photo

I love documentaries, even political documentaries. This recent one from National Geographic, The Obama White House: Through The Lens, follows the official White House photographer, taking a look behind the scenes of Barack Obama’s life when he’s not busy getting tanked in Ireland. And one of the best bits is this…

In this video President Obama demonstrates how he tries not to take himself too seriously thanks to a sweet moment captured by his official photographer, in which a three year old boy pats him on the head in the Oval Office.

I am fully aware that this boils down to propaganda, by the way. I’ve noticed that the Obama administration are experts when it comes to working with big media to portray a positive image about the government and what it’s up to, and so I bear that in mind that when watching any political documentaries on Discovery, History, National Geographic or whatever.  But when it’s as light hearted as this, I don’t have a problem with it.

The full thing can also be found on YouTube, and you can find out more on the official site.

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