It’s like watching a film, but in 30 seconds – and with rabbits

The art of parody is hard. It’s not just enough to pick the most famous scenes and retard them up with fart jokes. But the good people at Angry Alien have spent the last ten years spoofing the best of cinema - and not the just a scene, they’ve managed to capture the essence of a full movie and cut it down to 30 seconds, re-enacted by bunnies. What’s not to like?

Back to the Future is one of many films parodied on this entertaining site

I happened upon their site in 2002 when I was “researching” for my media degree at university. (Yes, it’s a real degree). This Back to the Future video is one of many entertaining parodies to be found on it. Honorable mentions also go to Die Hard and The Shining for nailing the best bits and iconic images.

The site’s had over ONE BILLION views over the last ten years but any time I mention it no one seems to have heard of it, probably because it’s been around so long that when the net exploded with social networks, youtube and LOLcats, it had done its word of mouth round long ago.

It’s all in flash format, so if you are on iDevice then you’re shit out of luck. Go watch some bunnies [they're funnier than those fucking Raving Rabbids - Adam] and tell your friends!

[Angry Alien - Thirty Second Bunnies Theatre]
[DVD on Amazon]

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