Send-off for HBO’s Entourage is a train wreck – will we get The Ari Gold Show as compensation?

Oh dear. In what has been an uninspired eight-episode run for the final season of HBO’s comedy drama series Entourage, the finale - broadcast on Sunday night in the US - was pretty painful to sit through.

Entourage is a show about a young Hollywood actor and his group of New York buddies living the dream on the West Coast, signing movie deals, going to all the best parties and getting all the hottest girls. For seven seasons it’s been a glamorous, hilarious ride and comes highly recommended.

It’s just a shame the send-off was so rubbish.

The writers managed to spend the whole season breaking all the characters we’d come to love (in a way that didn’t really stack up) just so that they could “fix” them in the final episode (even more unconvincingly than the way they broke them). Ari/Wifey? Sloane/Eric? Vince/Englishgirl and the stupid-ass ‘twist’ of the whole show? What is this, a Disney cartoon?

However, maybe we can hope that the very final bit of the final episode (after the end credits) might point to a future show geared around the show’s absolute best character - Hollywood talent agent Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) - here are some video that reminds us why he’s the shit:

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