Late to the party: These Alexandra Stan music videos are worth a watch

It’s amazing how a good thing can pass you by completely unnoticed. On my Sunday hangover grocery shopping just now I couldn’t help but notice a lady I’d never heard of adorning the October issue of lad’s mag FHM. As the cover puts it, “You heard the tune everywhere! Now meet the girl… Alexandra Stan, Miss Saxobeat”. Ah yes… you mean this tune?

You are right FHM, I have heard it everywhere, and I like it. And not that it should matter (but it does), now I also know that the artist behind it doesn’t look too bad in front of FHM’s cameras on a beach.

The video above was uploaded to YouTube way back in November 2010, which makes me fashionably late to the Alexandra Party. But perhaps this FHM-sourced remix video of Alexandra’s “Get Back (ASAP)” - which as far as I can tell is hot out of the studio - makes up for it:

And if you like what you see so far, why not spoil yourself with this video of FHM’s photo shoot, which gives a few hints as to what to expect from the feature. Which I’m obviously not going to read, besides the pullquotes maybe.

That’s the music category ticked. Thanks, FHM.

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