iPhone 5 probably looks like this, and I need one

I really need an iPhone 5.

I missed out on iPhone 4 on launch day, assuming it would still be on sale somewhere in central London by the time I crawled into afternoon action. After all, that strategy worked for me on 3GS launch day - and quite happy I was with it too (until I lost it in The Body Shop on Sunset Blvd., but that’s another story). But no: Sold out. Everywhere.

Yet a couple of hours later I began to feel like I’d had a lucky escape from iPhone 4, as horror stories about its flawed antenna design, dodgy reception and an overly fragile glass back panel flooded the web. It was months before acceptable case designs came out that could help solve those problems, and by that time, since I don’t a phone case anyway, I thought it made more sense to wait for iPhone 5. After all, it would likely only be a year away, and would have Apple’s very latest tricks inside the device. I’ve remained strong – not even the overdue release of the lovely white iPhone 4 changed my mind.

iPhone 4's silver edge with 3G's bevel. Do want.

My 3GS is pretty much fucked now, and I am getting desperate. The lock button has fallen off and I have to shove a key or coin inside the hole where it’s supposed to go to use it, which is obviously not cool.

The traditional summer timeframe for a new iPhone launch is now passing by, and the tech world doesn’t expect this year’s iPhone to be announced or released until September. Hurry up, September! 

No, I’m not interested in another phone (and no, I’m definitely not an Apple fanboy, I’ve just grown to love iPhone). So yeah. I really need a goddamned iPhone 5.

Well, the time is getting closer, and we’re starting to learn what it might look like: these photos of a replica iPhone 5 from China are likely to be the real deal, according to gadget journos such as Gizmodo’s Jim Diaz:

In China, many products are often cloned before they even reach the market—based either on digital blueprints or models sneaked out by workers when the products are already in production… it seems way too polished not to be a clone of the actual iPhone 5.

Its thinner design seems to combine the best of iPhone 3G/3GS with the best of iPhone 4. Which is great! Why, only last night I was catching up with an iPhone 4 owning friend and we shared recent events/people/crap from our phones with each other - I was jealous of his cool looking iPhone 4, while he missed the comfort and feel of holding a 3GS.

But if these images are to be believed, we’ll get the best design elements of both. And if the iPhone’s 4′s widely reported problems are unequivocally fixed in iPhone 5, then I’m already sold - whatever technical improvements and new features might also on the way will be a bonus.


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