Forgot about The Inbetweeners Movie? “Will’s Fit Mum” offers this reminder

The great thing about being in charge of marketing The Inbetweeners, I imagine, is you can do everything the old fashioned way and not give a shit about offending anyone. Take this little strategy with Loaded magazine, for example, which makes me feel like it’s 1992, and gets my approval.

What has surprised me a little bit is how much all my non-British friends have been won over by this intrinsically silly British show. My American friends love it to bits. But while we’re all busy not-anticipating the proposed US version, we’re frothing at the mouth over the movie.

Will’s Fit Mum (Belinda Stewart-Wilson) is a recurring character in the show, and looks pretty good with just her underwear on. Pic courtesy of Loaded - more can be found here and in this month’s edition of the magazine.

Even if the film’s only as good as an average episode of the show, which ran for a total of three seasons, it’ll still be worth the wait.  Here’s the latest trailer:

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