Is The Hangover 2 worth getting out of bed for?

The first Hangover movie was pretty funny, if I recall (and sort-of-spin-off Due Date is also worth a look if you’re in a silly mood). The Hangover Part II isn’t.

The only funny part is the recycled concept from the first movie, the “awakening to survey the carnage” scene that gets the familiarity laughs.

Obviously, we expect a level of puerility for the rest of the film, and we get it, but the problem is that most of it just isn’t funny.

A small handful of mildly amusing bits – mostly involving a little monkey that comes along for the ride – is swallowed up by the surrounding cluster of awkward, obscure and frequently unfunny-to-the-point-of-being-embarrassing nonsense.

Don't get me wrong, this right here is funny... in a picture. Just not for 100 minutes.

This is highlighted perfectly by a finale that is so retarded you’re not even sure if you’re supposed to be laughing or not any more.

The only people in the audience I noticed laughing were for the most part the same people who didn’t get the couple of actually-funny bits. If you’re easily amused and a little bit dim, roll up!

For those with brains, the only way viewing is recommended is if you watch it really drunk, which might make what’s happening on screen a bit funnier… and will hopefully come with the bonus of it all being forgotten the next day. 

It’s not quite the worst comedy ever, but it’s certainly not worth sitting through. If you didn’t catch the first movie and can relate to having no idea what happened the night before, maybe give the first movie a try, but cinema-goers should look elsewhere.



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